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Diane Johnson 

Wonderful memories listening to Simon and Garfunkel while laying on the floor with my father, in our living room.  Over and Over we played your records.  To this day I continue to listen to your music every chance I get.  thank you.


---------------part V  ..  and end !  thank you! -------

....   It's like getting a repaired car out of the garage but still running out of oil. The next defect is inevitable.

That, my beloved sons and daughters, is not the royal road.

It is the very first to correct your false image of Me, within yourself and regardless of what other people - and they seem to be so learned - tell you. I am the forgiving love! I fully envelop you in My Love the moment you come to Me with an honest heart!

Go inside, close your eyes, talk to me. Do not look for nicely worded words, just pour out your heart. Immerse yourself in the feeling of infinite security. Let go of all incriminating things in the knowledge that a guilt disappears before Me, when the knowledge of false action is broken and forgiveness is asked.

I have no waiting times. That which has burdened you in ignorance of the truth in the past, I can now take from you - when you come to My Heart.

Now, right now.

Repentance is something wonderful, even if you can not understand it immediately. Contrary to paralyzing feelings of guilt, repentance already carries the power that gives you courage and gives you the feeling that things are now going up again. It's the fuel of your engine, so to speak, stuttering for a while, but now it's ready to move you again. I accompany you in this process lovingly caring and protecting you.

When you have made your decision and taken this step, you already feel relief. I have taken something from your soul, because you have recognized a wrong behavior and asked Me for help. I have transformed what was dark before.

This does not mean that there may not be work to do. It depends on what has caused the misconduct in your environment or in other people. But if your request for deliverance is honest, then you will want to do everything in your heart to make up for it where it is needed. This is another step in your freedom.

This includes asking for forgiveness from those who have been hurt, injured or harmed. It does not just have to be material. Furthermore, it is part of forgiveness to those who have been guilty of you. If you feel deep within you, you will find in many a case that you have let yourself be bound; that you have given power to one or another of you, including and above all to your unseen seducers, because you did not know or ignore the wisdom of the word 'the strength of others always reflects my own weakness'.

And finally, forgive yourself.

When you have freed yourself from the grip of your false guilt feelings, then announce from My Love by encouraging others to follow the same path. But do not proselytize! Announce from My love through the joy that radiates and through your lived trust in Me, to whom you have found your way back.

It will now be easier for you to better understand the words spoken at the beginning, which I repeat for their importance:

Every human being lives on his own mental level, that is to say, in accordance with his own level of spiritual development. Thus he has a very individual consciousness, such as there is no second; and he lives in exactly or under the circumstances that correspond to this, his consciousness ... If you want to act differently, you must first develop another consciousness, and that by your own decisions, because you have free will. If you want to move mentally and mature, I will be the one who promotes and accompanies your development.

My infinite love accompanies you all the time.



part IV

............If you ignore a traffic light that indicates 'red' in traffic, you are violating a law. You may be annoyed by this, but you will not personally contend with the legislator - the minister - who has passed such a law for the safety of all road users.

Why, then, did you contend with Me, if not Me, but you have violated a commandment of My love? And if it is not I who are responsible for the effect of a cause that you set yourself, but if it comes to you, whose trigger was you? Every being that enters the earth is subject to the law of cause and effect. Without exception. That was also true of Me as Jesus of Nazareth.

So if I'm not 'angry, offended, resentful ...', there's no reason to feel guilty towards Me. Because I did not speak to you. On the contrary: I love you. You are the one who has burdened and burdened yourself with feelings of guilt because of a wrong way of thinking. More precisely: He has loaded and loaded.

If your fine is paid for ignoring the red traffic light, then the thing is out of the world. No clerk or clerk will be resentful and will still blame you if the account is cleared.

Should I do something like that? Does that fit into the picture you have of a loving father?

It says in your scripture that I forgive Peter for asking, 'Lord, how often shall I forgive my brother, who sins against me? Seven times? 'Replied:' I tell you, not seven times, but seventy times seven times. 'Which of course was meant to be emblematic and stated that there is no upper limit to the number of Forgiveness. Should I, who taught such things and still teach today, act differently? Can I expect more from a son or daughter than what I am willing to do?

Use your mind, My Beloved.






What does mean that 'the account is balanced again'? When action is taken against the commandment of love, one side of the balance is lowered, to a lesser or greater extent, depending on the manner of opposing action. Something is out of balance, the harmony is disturbed. One can then easily speak of 'guilt,' especially when it is a permanent or serious offense against the love commandment. To pretend that nothing had happened would amount to injustice, especially when others are affected.

How does a 'soul account' balance out? In the knowledge of having done wrong, is already half the solution. The missing half is repentance, request for forgiveness and reparation, if necessary and as far as possible.

And then? Then you are free, my child! Then, from my side, there is absolutely nothing left that can be considered guilty in any way. Only you can delay or prevent this liberation process, which I would like to tackle together with you. I know that your soul longs for light and space and life. But I also know how very negative forces try to prevent this becoming free. For a child who becomes aware of My love, but also of the forces and possibilities lying within himself, eludes the influence of darkness.

That is why it does everything in its power to persuade people, by means of a false image of God, that in the figurative sense they come to a standstill in terms of their spiritual development. Those who spend too much time burdening themselves with feelings of guilt instead of coming to Me, speaking to Me and asking for help, are frozen inwardly. A guilty conscience manipulated with the intention of gagging others always creates fears. But with feelings of helplessness and anxiety on the back, a ruthless god waiting for you with a criminal judgment, it will be hard to impossible for him to look forward positively; let alone go to the front. Energies that want to hold him, have him firmly under control.

It accompanies feelings of guilt that are triggered and amplified in this way, with physical and mental complaints. This is no wonder, because sensations and thoughts affect your bodies to a far greater degree than your science and you accept. Then, when diseases occur, another satanic trap is set up: namely, to blame me, especially when man seems to be trying so hard to lay his requests and wishes for recovery in prayer.

What would it benefit the soul of a human being if I only liberate man from his physical illness, but the cause of it, which is in his attitude toward Me, still exists? It's kind of like removing a repaired car from the factory............


....So I decided to come into the world myself, after centuries of incarnation and my faithfulness. I corrected the false image of God, to which a hardness was written that was far from justice and reality; and further from My eternally true being, which is selfless and unconditional love!

This was a new teaching, My love teaching, in the world. Do you believe that the darkness has stood by, how a new thinking has spread that threatened its action? Mind you: her work, not her existence, even if she sees it differently! For, I repeat myself and will do so until unity is restored: even the beings of darkness are My beloved sons and daughters, whom I will bring back to Me. Because there is their true, eternal home.






Because I am the love that can not help but forgive, the question of whether I instill guilt or vindictive myself should not really arise. Yet, the fact that it is posed - by innumerable people who are involved in a church or religious community with a corresponding doctrine of faith - shows the devastating extent of the seduction.

He who contemplates the possibility, or even teaches it as a fixed belief, that I am unforgiving of My children, who do not convert in time, that is, before their passage into subtle worlds; and whoever says that I punish even one of my creatures for his 'unfaithfulness,' even with eternal damnation, whose consciousness has narrowed far, far.

He is no longer able to perceive Me from within as kindness and mercy and to speak of Me as an instance that is without any ifs and buts the purest love. And if he still does, his words are hollow, because they are not marked by the experience with Me. Therefore, he does not reach the people, and a profound, different thinking and resulting decisions and steps in a new direction from stay. Guilt feelings that paralyze, burden and make ill, are often the result. A way out sees and does not find the victim.

But that I am love does not mean at the same time that a person can not be guilty. The only question is what you associate with the term 'guilt'.

Due to the wrongly transmitted image of God, people ascribed to Me the same and similar qualities as they carry within themselves. As Jesus of Nazareth, I spoke of the 'father', which was not and is not to be understood, that now on a throne 'an old man with beard sits'. I have used the image of the Father to correct the prevailing idea of a severe God who bans according to the beliefs of that time and insists on the rigorous and literal fulfillment of His laws, the observance of which he supervises from his judgment seat.

In fact, I am much more; I am also much more than just the 'father': I am everything! I am! Who can grasp it, take it.

As a creator, I have passed laws. Anyone who bothers with the term 'laws' because he feels constrained by it, may be better with 'guidelines' cope. Without a principle of order, no matter what name it bears, everything would already have sunk into chaos. However, with the observance of My Creation Laws, every one of my love-powers, which represents his life, flows to an infinite extent and lets him grow and thrive in all eternity. For I, My creation and all that lives in it are infinite.

If the laws are not kept, the influx of My Love Life Force decreases. But this does not happen because I personally - now I fall back on your vocabulary - angry, offended, resentful, hurt, offended, annoyed, outraged or upset Bin:

It takes place on the basis of my iron laws.

It is not caused by me personally.

It is not a penalty on my part.

It does not change anything about my love for you.

But it ensures that you come to the realization of your wrongdoing.

It thus fulfills its purpose of returning you to the path of love.

If you refuse, that this consequence on and in you becomes effective, then you would also have to reject that my love flows to you to a greater extent, if you are close to me and live in my love law. That would be an honest and heart-logical conclusion. Where and what would you be?

I give you a picture: If you do not pay attention to a traffic light that indicates 'red' in traffic, you are violating a law. You may be fooled by this, but you will not get involved with the legislator - the minister or the minister - personally.............


The recognition of your still-flawedness, however, should not tempt you to retire like a 'slug in your house'. Because that you have fallen, there is no reason to stay - which your opponent but would be very right. Finally, he approached you to let you know, consciously or unconsciously, that you are not worthy of being loved by Me. And with a guilty conscience, often enough connected with fears and often with a rebellion against Me or turning away from Me, the trap he has set up is snapped up.

However, My Beloved, that is no reason to despair or abandon your effort. While being trapped can be painful, astringent, and inhibiting your development, it only lasts a certain amount of time. And - that's the truly good news for those who have been seduced into such thinking and want to leave their prison: there is a perfectly safe way to get rid of this bondage and become a radiant and powerful son again, a warm-hearted and blooming daughter of my love. How quickly such a release can take place lies in your decision.

With the tactic of producing crippling guilt feelings, the adversary plays out his second greatest trump card, which he uses purposefully to counteract the striving for freedom of my children. Otherwise he does not have much to oppose to my doctrine of love. He irrigated the seeds he has been planting on earth since My work so that they bring the greatest possible success. She went and goes there and then, when and where you no longer dare to come to Me full of confidence and with an open heart in the awareness of a guilt - but also of a supposed guilt.

In that sense, the generation of feelings of guilt has almost the same effect as his trumpeting that there is no God. For whether you avoid Me, or whether you do not believe in Me, both things boil down to your not going with Me through your life, and thus I can not lead you as I desire it for you, and as it may you would be fine.

In such a case, it seems to him, he has won. That may even apply for the moment, but with regard to the goal you are aiming for, you have only made a small or even greater detour; which nevertheless should not be, but is in your free will. The seduction has not seduced you from the goal. That is not possible. But your misconduct, your wrong thinking can make your life difficult for you; it may work from earlier times into the present incarnation, and it may burden you in further lives.

The picture of Me, your divine primal source, transmitted to you, is in many parts based on ideas that have determined people's lives in the distant past. These were fully committed to ensuring their survival by nurturing their basic needs. For more, her consciousness was not enough. It then took a while for them to start thinking about who or what their external circumstances were, marked by natural disasters, inexplicable blows, accidents, illnesses, and more. They attributed in their ignorance to all the supernatural powers, they created a divine world. Their pseudo gods and goddesses - because they were not anything else - endowed them with human qualities, with good and evil characters, as they were the people themselves.

In addition to positive traits, such as anger, vengefulness, intransigence, punishment, and unforgiveness were found. In order to avoid future evil as much as possible, it was necessary to be good with the gods through sacrifice, submission or worship, but in any case by absolute obedience. If and where this did not happen, one had to fear the wrath of the gods. Submissive behavior and following the rules established by the priestly caste minimized their belief in the risk of being found guilty and punished by the pseudo-gods. But it did not eliminate feelings of guilt and fears which, because of a bad conscience, always lingered somewhere in the background, because one often enough still believed that one did not behave sufficiently docile towards the gods and sacrificed or otherwise misbehaved. For misfortune and fatalities still existed.

A god as the supreme authority of visible and invisible creation, embodying all-understanding and forgiving love, was unknown.

So I decided to come into the world myself, after centuries of incarnation and my faithfulness. I corrected the false image of God to which a hardness had been attributed that was far removed from justice and reality............

manuela simon 


today He meant (this therm He wanted, so I understood) to send You this:

(translated by google - I didnt ´proove´(how I could?) it)


Revelation of February 26, 2019



The address of God to man or through man, like everything in creation, is based on irrefutable spiritual laws. The different emphases and points of view in the revelations arise from the divine basic aspects of order, will, wisdom, earnestness, patience, love, and mercy, as well as the spiritual mentality of those who receive the word of revelation. In and above all, however, love acts as bearer of all revelations, without which a true word of God is not possible.

My beloved sons and daughters, I send something to my present-day word of revelation something fundamental that can open your eyes so that you and other people can better appreciate and understand. The latter, however, without succumbing to the temptation to devalue or condemn.

Every human being lives on his own mental level, that is to say, in accordance with his own level of spiritual development, which, however, has not been determined for him by me, but which is the result of his former life and his present incarnation. He has with it a very individual consciousness, as there is no second; and he lives exactly in or under the circumstances that correspond to this, his consciousness.

You can not exchange your consciousness. If you want to act differently, you must first develop another consciousness, through your own choices, because you have free will. If you want to move mentally and mature, I will be the one who promotes and accompanies your development.

The Law of Intellectual Attraction ensures that this principle works flawlessly.






All suffering, mischief and unhappiness, all worries, hardships and mourning are due to the fact that the path of love was abandoned. I'm not telling you anything new. But because there is a difference between merely hearing and knowing something or transmitting that knowledge to one's own behavior and thus to the things that determine your life, I want to lead you a little deeper into My Wisdom and Truth.

But I'm not just showing you the background, but - because you are entitled to enlightenment and understanding as My children - I also point you on the path that leads out of any dilemma that you may encounter through ignorance, false instruction, and unlawfulness Behavior in the sense of selfless love are advised. I also offer you the solution and remember that as the strongest power of creation, I live in each one and, as he wishes, I accompany and support him on his way to freedom.

Today, I am deepening the theme of 'guilt feelings', which is a burdening and debilitating subject for my children, which is closely connected with the 'fears' fueled by satanic forces whose negative energies span your globe like a dark, almost impenetrable cloud. He who is afraid is easy to guide, influence and manipulate. Because I do not do this, you should already realize that there is someone at work here who works against Me.

And in return - this must tell you your logic of the heart - there can only be one reason: to alienate Me! This has been happening more intensively for two thousand years, because a picture of Me was drawn and is still drawn by many of your students and scribes who have nothing remotely to do with My goodness and mercy and My forgiving love.

One of the most ingenious moves of evil was to paint a completely false and distorted image of yourself as a 'devil' or even to make you believe that it does not exist. Ridiculous caricatures that depict a being with horns, a tail, and a trident, but also other drawings and descriptions that are not to be taken seriously, have lessened the belief in real evil. Many people have fallen into the trap of these heresies. This has been helped by the fact that you have taken over lack of education ideas from a time that were far from any reasonable knowledge. In the field of technology, you have made progress, in the spiritual field, humanity is in the Stone Age.

The result of this prediction you read off the state of your world; those who are a little braver and honestly consider their own lives will find sufficient evidence for the indirect workings of the dark, of which he knew nothing or did not pay the necessary attention.

I remind you of the image of the siege of a castle that has been used several times by Me. The castle is you, the besiegers are those who want to invade you and harm you; because they need your energy. Their intrusion can not be completely prevented because you live on matter, the dominion of darkness; and you all still carry more or less weaknesses and correspondences in you that are like unguarded windows and doors of your castle. But you can defend yourself with My help, My love power in you, and push back the attackers. This will not only be necessary once, but over and over, with your defensive power increasing the more you emerge victorious from an altercation - even from the smallest skirmish.

This assumes, however, that you know about your loopholes and are vigilant enough to be attacked or tempted-----------------

parts follow  ..

manuela simon 

getting informed by God is like a download ...

you know it ?



Dear Art

the following beneath the books and papers I mentioned.
rejoice and encorage
in the words. Relevation take place all times, increased in this one..

Revelation of 16 August 2019

The address of God to man or through man, like everything in creation, is based on irrefutable spiritual laws. The different emphases and points of view in the revelations arise from the divine basic aspects of order, will, wisdom, earnestness, patience, love, and mercy, as well as the spiritual mentality of those who receive the word of revelation. In and above all, however, love acts as bearer of all revelations, without which a true word of God is not possible.



Divine Revelation

 My beloved sons and daughters, My present-day revelation word comes from My wisdom, which does not mean that it does not also contain all my love. His focus, however, is to let you look a little deeper into the context that affects your own life, your personal well-being and woe, but also the fate of groups and communities and the whole of peoples and cultures. This is necessary because you should again become self-responsible children of My Love, who can effectively express that inherent love in their lives. But this is only possible if you no longer let yourself be fooled around like 'chess pieces on the board of your life'.


I want to help you fill some of the still-blind spots in your mind-on your 'soul-glasses' -which have been created by an extremely skillful and still practiced approach of opposing forces. Those who follow My words with the heart, not just with their outer eyes and ears, and who are willing to reconsider My explanations, will succeed.


Humanity is facing an exceedingly powerful opponent, whose dangerousness for the salvation of each individual, but often also for his physical health, can not be overestimated. There are two reasons.


The one: A majority of people have, if at all, only a very vague idea of this danger, which means at the same time that it is barely recognized, at best in the name, with which you prove them, if you call them devils, Satan, Lucifer and other terms. I call them the darkness, the darkness, the opposing forces, mine and your opponent and the beings of the case.


And the other reason: As a result, My human children have barely developed a truly effective strategy for countering the continuous attempts of disruption, interference, manipulation, and destruction. The implementation of my commandment to love is indeed the means - the only one - that can make the permanent temptations and attacks ineffective, but the question of the extent to which my commandment has been respected and answers is answered by looking at the state of your world of even.


The request for My protection through prayer is a possibility, but you know that it is not enough to send a call for help to Heaven in the hope that this will solve the fundamental problem of permanent constriction, discouragement, Anxiety, negative viewpoint is resolved to the point of depression and hopelessness.


It may well be useful to put yourself in the position of a dangerous counterpart in order to get some idea of his approach and goals. No good strategist who wants to protect himself, his family, his friends or even his people will refrain from doing so. But why do My children act that way? In a metaphorical sense: 'Why are you sitting there and waiting?'.


Who questions, why this or that occurs in irregularities or apparent injustice suddenly in his life; especially since most of you now know that there is no coincidence? Unfortunately, many still believe that I - love - is the one responsible for it. And so, quite a few people still assume that it is a punishment on my part when their lives are not as happy as they imagine or desire.


Let me put something in at this point that does not really need it. Nevertheless, I do it because in so many hearts I see the question rise: 'Is not it too hard to speak of opposing forces, of the adversary, of danger, of darkness, etc.? About ruthlessly damaging people, manipulating them, driving them into sickness or physical death and suppressing and binding them by every possible means? Are not these beings also children of God who deserve our love? '


Beloved Ones, the Love that I Am in an entity incomprehensible to all beings, closes everything I ever created



Beloved Ones, the Love that I Am in an entity incomprehensible to all beings, includes everything that I have ever created and will create forever and ever into this love. All, without exception, whatever they have done to evil.

If that were not so, then I would not have come into the world myself; because I also wanted to rescue and bring back the apostates among My children, who intended to destroy My creation and thus themselves, which they were not aware of. There was and will be no force for all eternity other than mine, which was able to counteract the concerted effort of Sadhana and her followers to create their own creation according to their ideas.

Incidentally, I did not intervene in the free will of the fallen, but the causes created by them over an infinitely long period of time came into effect; but not as a punishment, but in the form that I gave myself as a 'sacrifice' for those who made their way back to their homeland, who wanted to destroy Me. Can you imagine a greater love?

I have saved her, for her purpose has been thwarted by my dying on the cross and the subsequent salvation; since then the gates to the heavens are wide open again. The so-called Fall or Angelfall, of which only a few passages are mentioned in your text, was stopped. But without the knowledge of the case, which represents a unique, that is, non-recurring event in creation, my salvation act is not meaningful to convey. Knowing this therefore constitutes the linchpin, in order to come to a full understanding of why the extra-celestial worlds, including the material universe, originated. And how and why the relentless struggle out of the invisible, of which hardly anyone knows anything, and of which no one is spared, has been conducted for an infinite time, and strives for a temporary climax in your time.

I allowed the formation of all these spheres so that Sadhana and her servants would have a place to stay. At the very bottom of the case, matter formed. On your earth, life began to develop, which eventually also brought forth people. Remember: Everything is evolution! Thus, the fallen got the opportunity to incarnate, thus preparing for their return and initiating, if they so wished.

The material world, along with all the forms that it produced, emerged as a consequence of the fall. There would be no single heavenly realm if everything remained in the celestial unity. Why should I have created something outside of unity?

But I have saved My fallen children not only from their looming dissolution, their self-induced annihilation. I will also bring them back, because on the one hand this is My will, and on the other I have the power to do so.

When it happens lies in the free will of the forces that were and are still against Me and you; because their free will they still have. She has not been touched by Me. But all of them, who I still love to the same extent as those who have remained faithful to Me, until the time of their return are subject to the law of sowing and reaping, which, moreover, applies equally to all beings outside of heaven.

Also, I was not excluded as Jesus of Nazareth from it. If I had been, then I would have violated my own law. But I have overcome all hostility and temptation, and thus showed people what a deep love and a longing are capable of. Without me putting myself in the position of the negative forces in order finally to win over them, an exemplary function would not have been possible; And my call to follow Me and to live and love as well would have been without inner strength and fugitive ineffective.

The possible objection to talk about the evil, its backers, their motives, intentions and procedures but rather not so clear and clear, let alone completely, because such a thing does not correspond to the commandment of love, so has no justification. The secret, which is essentially none because I have made it to you, is this:

Do not close your eyes and ears, but perceive what is being prepared and is happening - and yet to love!

This, My sons and daughters, is one of the hardest tasks ever. It is not done by ignoring the unpleasant and dangerous. Although that would like the underlying beings and powers, but that's not the way. Of course it would be wrong to stay at it and with it and to illuminate and consider everything that could happen from all sides. Then the negative could be very s---------------------



Of course it would be wrong to stay at it and with it and to illuminate and consider everything that could happen from all sides. Then the negative could quickly set in your sensations and thoughts.


Look and listen to what is necessary and important to look and hear, and then put all your positives against it. The best way to deal with what you encounter, in the sense of love, is to show through your example that you are the children of My love, who are not sleeping and are not ignorant and unwilling, but who seek to live in to live the love of their everyday life! This is how the evil is redeemed. When, that's not in your hands.


Remember what I once told you: 'You are responsible for the seed, not the harvest.' The harvest and its timing leave Me.


What you experience and what your siblings, who are still in the dark, experience as effects, will cause them - even in aeons - to think about themselves, their actions and the circumstances of their existence. For the way of their existence can in no way be described as what you understand by 'life'. They themselves have cut themselves off from the stream of life, which is nothing but My love energy. But they do not know or believe it and vehemently deny such a statement.


Many of them vegetate, full of hatred, anger and revenge. They wish to harm those who, in their eyes, are unjustly peaceful and carefree. Others 'live' like in a kind of dream, without impulse, without future prospects, without joys and without light. Her world is gray, tough, sad and depressing. They are highly unfree, slaves to those who are more crafty and reckless than they are, and who have managed to rise by obedience to their superiors on their career ladder.


The higher a being is in the 'hierarchy of the dark,' the more benefits are granted to him by those who are still above him. At the top of the hierarchy are the demons, and among them all, who want to benefit from the energy they get from others, especially humans; but they have to hand them over to their superiors.


They do not receive divine energy from Me for their actions directed against My law of love. But they are clever enough - because many still know parts of the creation laws - in order to come in a roundabout way to at least a small amount of the much needed life energy.


My sons and daughters, now use your mind incorporating the heart logic that I teach you. Which 'gas pump' do you use? Which one would you use? Would you try the human and possibly 'bite your teeth' whose love vibration is above yours, whose power is stronger than yours, so your failure is pre-programmed? Or would you start where you noticed weaknesses of your soul in your opponent due to your ability - which are the same character weaknesses -, which can be read among other things already in the aura? Would you not expect greater or even great chances of success in attacking these vulnerabilities? And rightly so?


The greatest protection of all beings who are more or less often or regularly around you and try to influence you, is not only that they are invisible. It is that you hardly know that they are there, and how they proceed! Yes, that they exist at all!


At the same time, it is their most effective weapon in the uninterrupted struggle that all the negative forces make to get the much needed energy. Whether they can keep or claim them for themselves, or merely serve as suppliers and obey those who are above them in the hierarchy of the dark.


The chief endeavor of the fallen angels must therefore consist in protecting themselves in order to be able to continue their destructive work as unrecognized and undisturbed as possible. What was and is there more effective than making your own existence diffuse, contradictory, confusing and unclear in a thousand different ways? Thus, the true face, the actual nature of evil is not recognized by many, with the result that his constant, threatening presence is considered unrealistic. But the danger is not eliminated from the world.


To ridicule, for example, by depicting a devil with a tail, a trident and a horse's foot as the evil, but no one really took and takes seriously, they not only accepted; this idea, modified and repeatedly reissued in many variants, was actively supported by them.


The result: very few people still know about the rea and the whole

---- Can you nevertheless, at least conditionally, protect yourself from these influences? Yes, but it requires that you know about the attacker against whom you want to successfully defend yourself; So that the truth about the ever-present danger of influencing your behavior is brought to my children, and that without fears coming to the forefront of dealing with this topic.


Who should do this if the immediate presence of negative forces and their ingenious procedures are largely unknown to them, or at least misrepresented by them, who feel called to bring My teaching to the people?


Thinking again: where would you - if you wanted to work against me - start to reach many people with a changed doctrine of love? Would you choose insignificant people with little or no influence on others? Or would you be in your directed against me projects - figuratively speaking - 'aiming at the king', so those who have the means and ways available, knowingly or unknowingly inaccuracies, untruths and distortions of my simple love to bring to the people? Provided you meet the king?


Have the forces of darkness hit you? The answer is not difficult to find, if you open-minded and sincerely look at your present-day world situation and find that humanity is further than ever from living My commandment of the love of God and neighbor.


I have told you many times that I am the only perpetual motion machine of creation. This means that there is no source of power other than mine, from which everything emerges and proceeds for all eternity! No being lives on its own, each one is sustained by My love. The fact that I alone is the source of all being is not recognized by the forces that have caused the case and are still working towards a two-part creation. Although they also feel that they are energy-dependent, they are not ready to see in Me their Creator and the everlasting love.


That brought them down; for her thought and action, directed against the law of love, limited her ability to fully absorb My love energy. They lost more and more of their radiance, of beauty, of freedom and much more. This principle applies throughout creation. It ensures that any disregard of My Law will be felt in the being itself, and sooner or later it will be urged to return to the path of love, selflessness, and service.


The reduction of their energy has brought and brings many disadvantages to the beings of darkness. First and foremost, due to the diminution of the quantity and quality of energy, it is the loss of a reasonably acceptable life, as long as one can call their existence at all a life. The fittest among them succeeded in attracting the weaker ones as 'energy suppliers', which is not only true of the souls in the astral realms, who lead a pitiable slavery existence. And they also succeeded in making and using my divine energy for their own purposes so that others could be manipulated.


However, the main suppliers of the much needed energy are the people. My sons and daughters, out of ignorance or unwillingness, follow their own law, their ego, and thus disregard my love commandment to a greater or lesser extent. This does not mean the little irregularities that you, as human beings, repeatedly make. But even in such situations, you often feel like you For example, after a disappointment, anger, worry or argument, you become powerless, listless or discouraged. You have lost energy. Where did she go? Who got her, better taken? Nothing in my creation passes away or dissolves 'just like that' ...


The opposing forces well know a part of my spiritual laws. They work with it, and the Law of Attraction helps them find those people who are relatively reluctant to pull off the much-needed energy. You know your mistakes and weaknesses and start targeting them. Attraction begins the seductive work that you either follow, or, if you know the intention, you oppose a clear no in My name.


What does that mean in practice? What can you derive from this for insights that protect you from being affected by negative spirits and the destructive, impersonal forces that they have created in the form of energy fields around the globe and possibly seriously damaged in body and soul?



With my simple doctrine 'love - and nothing else' I turned everything upside down, never having to fanatically and radically throw everything else overboard. The way of living love is a way in which everyone determines in his own free time, when he wants to take which step, but does not lose sight of the goal: to gradually become again the love he has been inside for eternity ,


You might ask: Can I, despite this knowledge that I have just received, pass through my days happy, unencumbered and happy? My beloved child, I tell you: Precisely because of this knowledge, you can not be worried. Because my words help you to recognize the traps that the other side has set up. It can not be the solution to close your eyes. The traps are still set up. Only those who know about them can avoid them.


You will always succeed in this if you strive to live with Me: not cramped and dictated by fear, you might fail, but in the deep trust and unfailing knowledge that I, your Heavenly Father, love you; that you may also fall on your way, and that I am there to help you get up. And that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can separate you from Me. I will welcome you with outstretched arms and embrace you with a joyful heart when you find your way home. Whenever that will be.


Also, do not allow negative thoughts to dominate your brothers and sisters who are not yet in the light and who - because they do not understand it any better - are still trying to make your life difficult. It's your siblings, beings who, like you, were born of love and will find their way back to love. I'm waiting for her with the same joy.


If My words fall right into your heart, then you can not help but meet them compassionately; not careless and reckless, but with the wish that they, too, soon come to knowledge and find a brighter and easier existence. The best way to help them is with your prayer and effort to include Me in everything you do. From the fruits that result for you, you can see that there is another, far better way to live than the ones you prefer right now. If and when they turn back, leave it to Me. Do you lay the seed, the harvest is mine thing. I bless My creation with everything that lives in it. And My blessing is like My love, which now, in this moment, flows into all and everything.



at & to marilinn : dito ! and thanks :

I  just want to say the same -- 

I ever asked myself, what it is most, the reason for the electrising  feeling you got all over your skin.  ..                    Yes, it is the voice of Art, but it is not enough  its´  both voices, the sound with virtuos-string-playing, the composition and clearness, the athmosphere  between them and also to the public   -  simply a symphony -
without exaggeration, ithink.

specially in central park ev´ning 1981..   not least this calm, clear, well-temperatured  wheather.

Impossible that the air at that day could be   another than  the best, although some think it would have been a casually accident. – How stupid!  -  It was, because of  those  two    unspoilt ;)  J (tenmindste this evening)   boys  were presenting their music. Standing for a quite generation the world expected in these days … 

     -    Later I begged they would come together again – the 
       whole  fanworld  was shocked by the several come-
       together – go seperats – although own times and ways
       brought them to new win-win situations.  
Important is, to stay friends  in hearts , not stiff shaking hands ,  and I think, Paul loves his ´funkle´like a father – in reverse the  ýounger´one doesnt know, that he himself  also did and does  ….
bye, let us see in heaven – latest!
: )  m.

PS  There also exists a CD,DVD or other med  of the concert in 1969 – Does anybody  know?

I can´t buy it . 


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Art, the voice of an angel. Magnificent. Other worldly. I'm so happy we are living on the earth at the same time, and I also believe you will sing in heaven. My generation is just now discovering your awesome talent. I was 6 years old when you appeared on the music scene and became ridiculously popular. I began to take you seriously when you and Paul gave the concert in Central Park. Thank you for bringing so much beauty into our lives. Love and peace to you, marilynne

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Hello Art,

I wanted to know, during your interview with Nigel Farndale in 2015, you spoke a lot about the history between you and Paul, and gave us some wonderful insight on your mathematic brain.

But I must know, Mr. Farndale stated in his interview that you enjoyed a bowl of pea soup. How was it? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you place it? And would you order it again?

John P. Stew


Saw your performance in York Pa yesterday. We waited outside before the show to ask for an autograph but you had already arrived. You got there early! Your show was a pleasure and an escape from the madness and noise of the world. Seeing you over the years on TV in various interviews and from last nights show one can tell that you’re a pretty cool guy to hang out with! Thanks for a great show!

Lynda Allegra 

Almost 50 years ago my husband saw you on a street in NYC and walked along with you for a few moments. You were so humble and gracious to him, a college-age fan, that he still mentions it to this day. We saw you last evening at the State Theatre in Easton, Pa. It was one of the most relaxing and poignant evenings we've spent at a concert ever. Thanks for being true to yourself and a blessing to your fans.

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Francesco Rinoldi 


Dear Art,

your music is fantastic,with Garfunkel or solo.

Big hugs and best wishes from Tolmezzo,high Italy.

Ineke Hoogers  

Mr Garfunkel.

Ofcourse am a fan from you both.
But still my favourite album is angel Clare.
Had it on lp later the CD. Now on spotify.
And am still listening and singing with all off the songs.
I was a year ago on the Simon&Garfunkel tribute special here in the Netherlands.
This was so great.

Thank you for all the nice songs

Greating ineke Hooters.

Phil Reiner 

Art, Loved your performance at the State Theatre tonight here in Pa. Hope to see you again. 

Karen Miller 

Hi Art,
Saw your show tonight at the State Theatre Center for the Arts in Easton, PA. So many favorites, and what a treat to hear you sing with your son ... So much love there! Please consider adding I Only Have Eyes for you. My husband and I danced our first dance to your voice 36 years ago. Please keep singing ... we love you!

Sandra Janiga 

Mr. Garfunkel, 
     My husband and I would like to thank-you for a wonderful concert in Torrington, CT at the Warner Theatre.  It was an intimate evening and a fantastic way to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary.  Keep being you!
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