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Deborra White 

Good to see concerts resume in Nov. We will miss you in Seattle. Do stay safe. I imagined concerts at drive in movie spots! Like Deniro said, "It's like living in a sci fi movie these days."
Enjoyed your book a lot, as I do your music. I don't understand some critics, they seem shallow. You're great.


Dear Art,
I second Sarah, especially about your Watermark which I think is a masterpiece. Glad that someone so young as her has become one of your many avid fans. 
Please keep singing!

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I recently discovered and finished your book and enjoyed it greatly; the mixture of poetry and life events gave the book a very personal and fascinating feeling. 

I am nevertheless no stranger to your wonderful music; I am only 18 years old, but I have been seeking comfort among your flowing vocals for several years. Not only your harmonies with Paul Simon, but also your solo albums (especially Watermark). As I prepare to head off to university this fall, I carry with me your music and songs. I am an avid book peruser as well and keep track of my books too. I have taken many suggestions from your book lists (adding to my already overflowing shelves)! Thank you for all of the inspiration, emotion and truth that you have generously given through your musical career!


Dear, Art! Last week I found out, that your concert in Stuttgart is just postponed to December 2021 and the ticket ist still valid :-) oh how happy I am! I hope you´re all fine and safe and wish you well! Now I have something to look forward again, this gives me joy and hope. We will survive this crisis. I know...take care, best wishes, your´s Nina :-* ☻♥



Dear Art, I just finished What Is It All But Luminous : Notes From an Underground Man; I read it in one sitting on a cold, still, locked-down Melbourne, winter's day.
I want to say you thank you for this gift of insight into you. You know how all things seem to come together? I have loved your voice for as long as I recall, for as long as I have felt awareness of what music is. Angelic harmonies: Abba; The Eagles, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel; Sinead O'Connor with her Broken Heart.
I am mesmerised by Mike Nichols' Closer, watch it over and over, feel I have never seen such insight into human relations and relationships; into the human heart, on screen. And then, I began to be mesmerised again, by you. Standing on stage gazing into the distance, hands in pockets (who performs like that? So laid-back, relaxed!) at The Concert In The Park - my Saturday morning ritual. It lead me to want to know more about you, I then learned of your acting, of your films: Mike Nichols name jumped off the page, how strange.... how it all comes together! And just today, the photo on page 44 of your book: Rolling Stone cover, October 11, 1973 - there you are, staring out at me: I was one day old.

From one reader to another: from January 2018 to July 2020 I read 103 books. These eight books stand out:
Julian Barnes, The Sense Of an Ending (2011)
Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf (1927)
Bill Hayes, Insomniac City : New York, Oliver Sacks, and Me (2018)
Donal Ryan, All We Shall Know (2016)
Andre Achiman, Call Me By Your Name (2007)
Sigrid Nunez, The Friend (2018)
James Frey, Bright Shiny Morning (2008)
Art Garfunkel, What Is It All But Luminous : Notes From an Underground Man (2017)

Thank you Art. Your book, your gift (your voice; your poetry; your ambling), your life, your love: of your beautiful wife Kathryn, your luminous sons Arthur Jr and Beau, all of these things lit up my world today, and isn't that all there is? Much love and appreciation, Andrea. X

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Dear Art,
Glad to learn that you are planning to tour again later this year and 2021. I remember how happy I was when you started singing again back in 2014. Please take good care of yourself and your family.
Please keep singing! 


Hello Art, greetings from Germany! I hope you and your family are fine! Let's pray that these strange days will be over soon. I saw you in 2004 in Cologne at your Old Friends tour. It was the best time I ever had. Wish I could meet you one day again. Yours Kathrin


Since I was a kid, you would comfort me with your voice. Ease my mind during these terrible and sad years. Isn't it funny how close you can feel to a voice, someone's voice who doesn't and never will know about you.

Now it's time to say goodbye to your soothing voice Mr. Garfunkel. This is my last week and I am still having you comfort me. Thank you. Bye.

Dr. Adam Dachman 

...many's the time I've been mistaken...I can't help but wonder what went wrong.  I've been hearing you and Paul sing these lines for decades, but this past week the words of An American Tune have somehow given me spiritual hugs like never before.  The sadness of our American story relating to the festering problems of equality and injustice towards our black citizens has been overwhelming.  Having the treasured recordings left us deserves a personal thank you.  I too sang in synagogues as a child.  The melodies were somehow natural and easily adopted.  I became a pianist and then a surgeon.  My hands have been my working tools.  Your voice has been yours.  You have healed many and continue to do so.  Even the echoes of past recordings remain as accessible remedies for future generations.  Mr. Garfunkel thank you for sharing a life well lived.  Blessings.


Dear, Art,

last week I found out that your concert in Stuttgart is canceled, even the whole Germany dates and this makes me sooo sad. I was so happy to see you then and now this Virus crosses all our plans. And I wonder how is it for you? I know how much you love to sing and perform and now you can´t. I´m worried about you. It must be a big loss. I hope the dates are just postponed and that we ´ll meet again after all this. I won´t give back my ticket. Take care, I send you and your family my best wishes. Stay safe. Your´s Nina ☻♥♥

Anthea Holligan 

Dearest Art,

I hope you and your family are well and managing to stay clear of this awful virus.

I am using lockdown to do some of those things I never get around to doing.  One of them being to reach out to those who have touched my life in some way and thank them.  So Art, thank you for JUST BEING YOU and sharing your music world wide but most of all for making me understand the power of lyrics and the impact they can have.  THANK YOU, hope you and your family will always be blessed.  You appear to be a beautiful man inside and out.

kindest regards


Dear Art,
Hope you and your family are well. Glad to learn that you will start touring again later this year. Please come visit the Toronto area some time again. Please keep singing!

suzana chwarts 

hello prof. garfunkel,
ii wonder if you would consider, for the happiness and inspiration of millions, publishing your bar mitzvah's tapes; warm greetings from brazil!


I walk and try to capture the space-poems that I see too. Yesterday, I played your song for the Huron River and it allowed me to cry a new deep breath into my body. Thank-you for sharing your gifts. Here is one of mine for you:

Because I Miss the Sky


In the still point of black light

the root of matter

is a spark of unsolvable darkness

so radiant

it cannot be seen.


It is a deeper octave of space -

ether curled into an ear.

I listen as I am:

the bell chime’s unfurling wings

braided into negative space synchopation.


Here is God’s eye as a shimmering field of grasses

waving halos of looping light through sticks and seems.


Its sizzle is my throat

This hollow is my womb.


Flatness, distance and harshness blur.

Articulate stillness swells

inside a breeze weaving mist

in blue- found space

floating like star- seeds

from the burst milkweed.


This drifting cinema

gauzy clouds

sueded white fringe -

Here is your beaming garment 

in silvered blue velvet.


Like rain falling down in straight lines,

I want to sing slowly between the streams

of sunlight.


And return again to my Indian home –

sky-lake reflecting

water breath floating

in radial silence.

There is no space that is not me.


Hi Art! I looked through your library and noticed that you haven't read "Slaughterhouse-Five" by Kurt Vonnegut. I wanted to strongly recommend that you do so! It's a fascinating read with important undertones about war. It's my personal favorite, and I know that you'll love it at first read.

Best wishes!

dana carnahan 

Art, thinking of you in New York during all the virus risks and hoping you are keeping healthy!  Looks like you are still touring?  And hope you are getting into central Illinois again soon!

Tine Astrup 

Kære smukke Art

Tak for din stemme, ville gerne hilse på dig i Danmark.

Bedste hilsner fra Tine


Dear Art,I hope you and your family are safe and well.Here in high eastern Italy(Carnia)the situation seems better than in other places but of course we must stay at home the most possible.GBU.Big hugs and wishes from your affectionated fan Francesco Damiano R.

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Dear Art, 

Hope you're fine! Congratulations for your work! Since you also worked as an actor, can we expect a list of your favorite movies?


J'espère que vous êtes en sécurité
prenez soin de vous, nous avons besoin de vous pour nous aider à traverser les bons et les durs moments de la vie.


Hey Art,  I thought I'd say hello after all these uyears... though you probably have no recollection of me. We were both hitchiking on the same corner in Santa Monica the same day that your special appeared on CBS that night. I was only 13 at the time and had a huge mop of hair.. you might have thought you were having a conversation with Cousin it. I didn't recognize you although you identified yourself as Art. We must have talked about half an hour and since we were more engrossed in our conversation than hitchhiking, neither of us got a ride and you eventually gave up and said you would walk. Just as you walked away , you told me that if I turned on my TV that night at 8pm I would see you in a special. I was a bit puzzled but did turn on the TV... something I rarely do , then or now. In fact, I havent owned one in 10 years, most of it is rubbish. 
   Anyway, you were really personable and a great conversationalist, but to be truthful for years I thought that our encounter had to be some strange figment of my imagination, beacuse why would Art Garfunkel be hitchhiking on Wilshire Blvd. the afternoon before his prime time TV special? It seemed ton ..odd. It wasn't until 30 years later when I read an interview with Simon  where he complained that you would hitchhike to gigs!
 One last thing.. I thought you were great in "Carnal Knowledge" one of my favorite pics.. especially that look you give Jack Nicholson at the end of "BallBusters on Parade" Great piece of acting!  It was a privelege to meet you in such ordinary/extraordinary circumstances and if you are evr up near Santa Cruz, please drop me an email and we can go stand on a street corner and continue our conversation. Or have lunch or something.   Regards, Dave
PS I am a musician and during vocal lessons we used a couple of S&G songs for me to practice.


Dear Art,
Stay safe and healthy. Please take good care of yourself and your family. Looking forward to seeing you again somewhere in the near future. 
Please keep singing!
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